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Horse Fever Approval Page
Stallion Approval Association
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Horse Fever

Horse Fever Approval Association

Hello and Welcome to the Horse Fever Aprooval Association! (HFAA)Here at HFAA we strive to seperate the best horses from the good horses, and recognize them with the recognition title of HFA. If you think your stallion, mare, gelding, colt or filly has the makes to be one of the best horses in HF, just go to the Aprooval link and fill out the form.
Some of the things we judge on here at the HFAA are the movements of your horse, suitability for his designated discipline, disposition, conformation, and breed characteristics, among other things. To be approved, your horse/pony will be sent to Fox Ridge Farms for a week. Your horse will be carefully looked over by the Fox Ridge Farms vet to make sure he/she is not sick in any way so not to get any of the other horses sick. If your horse passes this phase, they will be taken to the next step where your horse will then be ridden by approved HFAA riders. He/She will be taken through his/her paces and asked to do simple patterns and excersized and judged doing their designated disciplines. If your horse shows that he is capable of winning classes (and a show record proving this is provided), your horse will be returned to you HFA'd! Thank you for visiting the HFAA and please return! Remember, do not send more than one request for HFAA Approval per week per owner or none of your horses that week will pass!!!