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Places At The North American Horse Rescue

Horses At NAHR
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Rules And Regulations
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Horses Adopted in December, 1999
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Volunteer Page
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Hello and welcome to the North American Horse Rescue. NAHR ("Narr" is how we pronounce it) is a volunteer/donation run organization that helps unwanted horses find homes. Not only do we rescue horses from the slaughter houses, we also get horses from people who just cant care for them properly anymore. Neglected/abused horses from the Humane Society often find their way to NAHR also. There are 4 locations that NAHR has farms at. The main headquarters are located in Norco, California. This area was also where NAHR originated. The Norco Division is located on 179 acres and houses 132 horses in spacious box stalls, and many paddocks and pastures for other horses. It also has round pens, riding arenas, washracks, hotwalkers, and an old run-down training track that the previous owner had. The second location is near Charlotte, Virginia. It is set on 70+ green, forested acres. Luckily, 38 of those acres are lush pastures and state-of-the-art barns. The Charlotte Division accomodates 82 horses in the gorgeous fascilities. Washracks, hotwalkers, riding rings, roundpens, and a whole lot more make this place look like something that could be a very successful horse operation, not just a rescue ranch. The Canadian Division is located in an area much like Virginia. It has 59 acres of flat pastureland with tons of grass and they grow their own hay. They house 60 horses but have plenty of room for more barns. They also have a couple fenced in paddocks and pastures just in case. Fascilities include riding arenas, roundpens, washracks, and more. Lastly, The Mexican Division, is located on 250+ acres of red, rocky ranchland. It may not sound gorgeous and picturesque, but it is one of my favorite places to be. With 40 acreas completely leveled and cleaned out, we have 33 run-ins that house 2 horses each, along with some small pastures. The rest, however, is 210 acres of pure grazing land. This is where we send horses in need of rehabilitating. We also send horses here that are too old to get adopted so they spend their last years here, happy and free. We also make a profit of putting other people's horses out to pasture here since they all love it, so if you are interested, e-mail me and for a maximum of $1,200, your horse can spend the rest of his or her years at this lovely Mexican horse-haven. We are currently in search of donations in order to help us buy horses from slaughter and upgrade some of our less-than-perfect fascilities. We are also trying to get our hands on a place in Colorado since they have perfect weather for horses and its so pretty there (and they have a lot of horses, too). There is a 60 year old man named Walter Grey who said he would donate his currently very successful cutting/cow horse ranch to us when he passes on since he has no family and a love for helping horses. But, it doesnt look like this guys is going anywhere for quite a while (not that we want him to or anything, =) hehehe). So, once we gather up enough extra cash, we will try and buy us a place out there. But, with the many expenses of feed, vet care, and just plain buying horses, that may take a while. NAHR has been running successfully for 3 years, and each year we get a lot more horses per year, so in 2000 we are planning on having our hands filled to the top. So, if you would be so kind as to make a donation, please e-mail me. Please feel free to look around the site and see what horses we have for adoption. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to e-mail me.

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