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FRF has many quality stallions up for stud, below are the prominent studs we are standing, FRF would like you to remember we only breed to the best and therefore would only let the best be bred to FRF customers:

Pagen Prophet*******************

Name: Pagen Prophet*******************
Sire: The Prophet
Dam: Pagen Dance
Breed: Danish WB
Gender: Stallion
Age: 9
Color: Bay
Height: 16.1hh
Points: 1,959
Temperment (1 being extremely docile, 10 being highly spirited): 5
Other: Pagen is a sweet, but sometimes spiited stallion. He is a wonderful shower and he throws excellent babies. Pagen was the 1998 International Dressage Association Silver Medalist. Pagen loves to jump, in the arena and on the cross-country sourse. Jumping is only second to Dressage with Pagen. He loves Dressage with all his heart and is very good at it. Pagen throws large size and confirmation to his get. So far he has only bred Danish mares, but I am hoping to breed him to some of my colored stock and perhaps a draft or 2, I just know he would produce the best American Warmbloods. I currently do not have any worthy pictures of Pagen doing dressage, but as you can see in the above pictures he is an excellent jumper, and when I get his dressage photo up you will see why he won the IDA Silver Medal.
Fee: $900 to WB, TB, or Draft mares, $750 to other breeds (includes $100 booking fee). Discounts on premium mares and multiple mare bookings.
This is Propheted. A wonderful son of Pegen who is quikly making his way to stardom.
This mare is Pure Pagen.
This filly is The Pagen Look, she is very promising as a show horse and a good broodmare.

SAA Robinson*********
This is Robby at age 3...
And at age 4...
Age 8...
And this is him at his current age, 9
Name: SAA Robinson*********
Sire: Gem Twist*******
Dam: Too Hot
Breed: Thoroughbred
Gender: Stallion
Age: 9
Color: Grey
Height: 16hh
Points: 902
Temperment: 4
Other: Robby is one of my favorite stallions. He has nice size and wonderful confirmation. Robby has excellent 'knee and tuck' over fences and he loves to jump. The only thing Robby loves more than Arena Show Jumping is Cross-Country. Robby was bred for jumping ability, stamina, confirmation, grace, and speed. His dam has racing bloodlines to some of the greats like *Pincequilla, Northern Dancer, and Hoist The Flag. He is a perfect stallion for me and he has a great disposition along with all of his other great traits. Although it isnt one of his favorites because he gets bored easily, Robby enjoys dressage. He is quite good at it on his quieter days, but sometimes he just doesnt feel like being quiet and would rather be off jumping something. Robinson foals have made it big in English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Dressage, Hunting, Cross Country, Show Jumping, and especially in the Breeding Barn. Robinson foals have sold for an average of $25,000 without points (that is high for me considering I dont sell my horses for usually more than $9,000-$15,000), but they have gone for up to $50,000, unshown. SAA Robinson********* is strong in the grey gene, so most of his foals will most likely be grey, or at least produce greys.
Fee: $600 to TBs, Hannoverians, Arabs, QHs, Appys, WBs, and Draft mares. $450 to Other mares (includes $100 booking fee). Discounts on Premium mares and Multiple mare bookings.
Kochas Robby is a Selle Franscais/TB Colt by Robinson.
Remus Romulus** a great sin by Robby and the beginning of some great Remus(c) foals. (owned by Mis Fender)
Remus Baccahs, another great son of Robinson (not quite sure on his points but I'm sure he has some)
Remus Electra, another wonderful filly by Robby, she has points but I dont know how many.

Those are all the stallions I have right now that I consider top sire quality. E-Mail me with any requests on breeding.